The NPI (Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative) is a public/private partnership that aims to:

  • Increase the visibility of commercial districts;
  • Grow more jobs;
  • Strengthen existing businesses; and
  • Fill vacant commercial spaces.


NPI is a key component of the City's Portland Plan and Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy.  NPI districts (6 in all) are located adjacent to communities with higher than City-average poverty rates and/or lower than City-average median family incomes.  Further, each district is composed primarily of local businesses, many of which are minority-owned and/or minority-servicing.


A community-driven, self-help approach is at the heart of the NPI.  With grants, training and support from the Portland Development Commission, each district will be responsible for planning and implementing projects to improve the local commercial district. 


We invite and welcome you to be a part of this exciting initiative.  Your involvement in the NPI will help the Midway Commercial District, the City, and the County achieve our vision for the future.