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The New Logo for the Midway District

Revitalizing The Commercial Corridor between 117th & 148th Avenues on Division Street

MEETINGS in the SE Division district

DMA Board meets 4th Thursdays, 5:30 to 7:00 pm


Equity Committee meets 3rd Wednesdays at 3:30

Development Committee meets 3rd Thursdays at 5:00 pm.

All meetings are at DMA's office 2536 SE 122nd Avenue. 

Monthy Network Event at The Pink Feather and other district venues

The Division-Midway Alliance is part of the City of Portland's Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI).  One of six NPI neighborhoods selected throughout the city; the district runs along SE Division Street from 117th to 148th. 


The Midway-Division Alliance is a powerful, one-of-a-kind opportunity to transform the Division-Midway commercial district into an engine of economic and community development.


Have a look at our Vision Statement, and do a little time traveling.


Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by volunteering? Become a member.

SE 117th to SE 148th & Division is our focussed Business District